The 25 Best Vegan Podcasts You Need to Check Out In 2020


Perhaps my favorite time of day is when I can go into the kitchen and cook a delicious plant-based meal, unhurriedly, with an inspiring vegan podcast in the background (or, let’s face it, a 90s playlist from time to time).

It’s just such a fun way to spend your time, listening to wonderful vegan podcast hosts and their guests (ranging from people you’ve never heard of before to the plant-based experts like Dr. Greger or Dr. Neal Barnard) while sometimes preparing the exact foods that you are learning about in this very second!

But not just cooking becomes a much less annoying chore (to some) that way, I’ve been known to listen to my favorite vegan podcasts while vacuuming, folding laundry or even taking a walk outside!

If you’re new to podcasts (not all of our readers are Millennials or younger), they are a digital audio file which is usually part of a themed series that you can either listen to online or download to your device for offline listening at your convenience.

Podcasts can cover any topic under the sun and once you’ve taken a good look around, you might soon feel overwhelmed thanks to the sheer amount of different shows you can choose from!

That’s why we wanted to share our top picks when it comes to the best vegan podcasts — yes, there are much more than just the following 20+ shows and perhaps, we didn’t include your personal favorite.

Our criteria for making this list was that the podcast had to be active at the time of writing this article, it had to be mainly about the vegan lifestyle or plant-based eating and not spread any harmful ideas (hello, pseudoscience!).

So, whenever you feel like you’re the only person on the planet thinking that sentient animals shouldn’t just die for 15 minutes of taste pleasure or drastically want to improve your health and environmental footprint, check out one of the following vegan podcasts!

We’re sure you’ll find at least one or two that are really inspiring and that you feel connected to. And if you’re more inclined to watch videos or read books with some good vegan content, be sure to read our two guides below.

As a disclaimer before we dive in, please be aware that not all hosts are ethical vegans but instead talk about and promote a plant-based diet. While these two go in the same general direction, their intention differs and you may hear about small amounts of animal products not being “bad for your health” (which is true) on certain plant-based nutrition podcasts.

Also, we don’t necessarily endorse or have listened to each episode of the following vegan podcasts and would love for you to turn to health professionals for personal medical advice.

The 25 Best Vegan Podcasts

From food-focused plant-based nutrition podcasts to vegan activism, fitness and health-related content, the following vegan podcast shows offer something for everyone.

Some audio files can be listened to on the creator’s website, others are available on popular platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Food for Thought Podcast

Let’s start with one of the most popular vegan podcasts which animal rights activist Colleen Patrick Goudreau created over 14 years ago!

The joyful host covers topics such as how to be an effective activist or plant-based cooking essentials and answers common questions around veganism so you’ll become more educated and reassured with each episode.

It’s a great allrounder show (with full transcripts!) that offers insights from a longtime vegan and is really applicable to one’s daily life as a vegan.

Some episodes tackle philosophical dilemmas and can be a bit thought-provoking — and if you’re into linguistics, you definitely need to give Colleen’s other podcast, Animalogy, a listen where she explores the origins of animal-related words and language.

The Exam Room

The Exam Room is the official vegan podcast from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, founded by real-life rock star and medical doctor Neal Barnard. 

You can explore all things wfpb diet and vegan health together with show host Chuck Carroll, also called The Weight Loss Champion who lost 265 pounds on a plant-based diet and kept it off for good.

What can eating just one hamburger do to the body? Is cheese really addictive? Find out on this awesome vegan podcast!

Ordinary Vegan

This podcast covers all aspects of a vegan lifestyle from food to cooking, nutrition and being kind to the planet and animals.

Definitely more on the health-focused side in terms of topics, your host Nancy Montuori went through critical health issues herself and was inspired by the popular documentary Forks Over Knives to change her way of living for good.

On her vegan podcast, you can listen to episodes about vegan weight loss, tips for optimizing nutrition on a plant-based diet, essential vegan staple foods or getting started on your plant-based journey.

The Disclosure Podcast

One of the biggest names in the vegan community, Surge-founder Ed Winters, not only uploads informative videos on his YouTube channel, but also participates in street animal rights activism, co-runs a restaurant and produces documentaries.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also has a fantastic vegan podcast show!

You’ll love his way of talking when he explores topics surrounding veganism, morality, ethics, communication and the environment, as well as discusses current events.

Ed has had the honor to speak at Google NYC, TEDx, live TV and countless universities — because he is one of the most important voices of our generation.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Possibly the most popular vegan podcasts on our list is run by ultra-athlete and wellness fan Rich Roll. 

Although many of his episodes are not strictly focused on veganism or plant-based nutrition, you are sure to get regular inspiration on how to optimize your lifestyle, get behind your bad habits and so much more.

Rich’s show has made many “best podcasts” lists in different genres and his conversations reflect many values of his vegan listeners like fitness, environmentalism or compassion.

Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger

If you’ve been on our blog before, you probably know that we love Dr. Michael Greger’s work!

The New York Times bestselling author doesn’t just regularly upload educational videos on his YouTube channel, he also has an up and coming podcast sharing informative snippets regarding important health topics from obesity to blood pressure, fasting, supplements and pandemics.

If you like his really special and fun way of talking and delivering hard science, learning new information will be super entertaining and easy!

That Vegan Couple Podcast

If you’ve been watching vegan YouTube channels at all, you have probably come across Natasha and Luca!

The Australian couple has come a long way from being meat-lovers to going vegetarian and finally vegan about 10 years ago, sharing their insights in a kind but very direct manner on their vegan podcast show.

They have over 100 episodes at this point with the first 25 of them available for free, and the rest available via their Patreon for just $1 per month.

From vegan newsdesk episodes to conversations about their marriage and living in a non-vegan world to important animal rights issues, they cover a whole array of topics and you’ll be sure to get hooked super quickly!

The ChickPeeps

Created by Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch, the ChickPeeps is a friendly and fun vegan podcast that seeks to explore and discuss the dilemmas faced by vegans every day. 

From the basics of how to go vegan to humorous questions like “Should I let my partner call me ‘honey’?” and “Will I ever be vegan enough?”, Evanna and her co-hosts offer contrasting opinions and share challenges they’ve faced in the vegan space. 

You can listen to lots of conversations with interview guests like psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy or vegan activist Joey Carbstrong or geek out on animal rights issues in the Wizarding World!

Our Hen House

This awesome vegan podcast is run by the seasoned animal rights activists Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer who regularly invite impressive guests and provide you with entertaining episodes during which everyone can learn a thing or two about the latest happenings.

By now, they accumulated over 550 episodes to listen to for free!

You can get deep into ethical issues surrounding the vegan lifestyle and receive important updates in the vegan world from Jasmin, who’s the senior editor of VegNews who also hosts the show Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan as well as the vegan lawyer Mariann who teaches at Columbia and can also be found at The Animal Law Podcast.

Nutrition Rounds

Ethical vegan and board-certified physician Danielle Belardo advocates for plant-based nutrition to prevent and reverse risk factors for heart disease which she breaks down wonderfully in her science-based vegan podcast called Nutrition Rounds.

Her extensive understanding of the science behind the wfpb diet helps listeners make sense of common health claims and helps you navigate the grocery store with ease.

Danielle has spoken with popular guests and colleagues such as Dr. Angie Sadeghi, Dr. Neal Barnard or Dr. Dean Ornish.

The Brownble Podcast

Let host Kim talk you through different aspects of the vegan lifestyle as well as improving your relationship with food, how to get back into the kitchen and practice self-love and kindness while doing so.

Her non-judgmental approach to guiding her listeners towards making more vegan choices, offering support and giving delicious vegan meal ideas along the way will leave you inspired, warm and fuzzy!

Bonus tip: if you dig Kim’s style, definitely check out her awesome high-quality online cooking classes (affiliate link).

The Minimalist Vegan

This is the podcast for all things conscious consumerism, zero-waste, veganism and minimalism! The Australian couple Maša and Michael Ofei explore what it means to live an intentional life in their show as well as on their blog and best-selling book.

We love their chill vibe, honesty and kindness that shines through each of their conversations in which they not only share their best vegan beginner tips but also important life lessons like learning to say no, decluttering or the beauty of simplicity.

The Plant Proof Podcast

Ready to geek out on evidence-based nutrition?

Show host and nutritionist Simon Hill sits down with other health experts, athletes and all-around inspiring people to share wisdom on conscious living and the impact of our food choices on our own as well as the planet’s health.

This vegan podcast is a safe space to talk about nutrition without judgment for those consuming animal products, bringing you agenda-free evidence-based information and showing you what positive change is possible when introducing more plants into your diet.

Brown Vegan Podcast

Monique Koch is the girl for the best practical advice on transitioning to a plant-based diet! From dealing with a vegan/non-vegan relationship to saving money and intersectional issues, her non-judgemental approach is perfect for both beginner and veteran vegans.

On all the common podcast platforms from Spotify to Apple or on her website, you can get insights on vegan pregnancy, growing a vegan brand online, plant-based weight loss and her favorite vegan products!


No matter if you’re starting from scratch or have been vegan for a long time already, Plant-Strong is here to help you every step of your journey. 

Firefighter and son of the renowned plant-based doctor Caldwell Esselstyn, Rip Esselstyn, talks with inspiring guests about their insights around following a healthy vegan diet and changing their lives for the better. 

You can find familiar names from the plant-based community here as well as a fierce host who will help you, no doubt, level up your own health game.

Main Street Vegan Podcast

This vegan podcast is hosted by another seasoned vegan, Victoria Moran, who mainly interviews different podcast guests on her show.

Covering each and every part of veganism, from choosing cruelty-free products to having pets, nutrition tips, climate change and vegan ethics, this podcast is perfect for new vegans!

Victoria has a very kind-hearted approach and makes both her guests and listeners feel really comfortable during each episode.

The Bearded Vegans Podcast

Long-term vegans listen up — this podcast might be for you! The Bearded Vegans offer more nuanced views on vegan issues and dissect topics that go beyond the basics of veganism such as feeding children a vegan diet or veganism and Amazon fires all the way over to political stuff.

Hosts Paul and Andy also do reviews and interviews, all in a very hip and entertaining way, provoking the listener to put their thinking hat on and questioning their beliefs. Oh, and this podcast is definitely not about beards!

The Cosmic Skeptic Podcast

A must-listen if you want to strengthen your philosophical understanding of veganism and sharpen up your logical thinking!

Alex J. O’Connor, founder of the Cosmic Skeptic YouTube channel, podcast and blog, is a philosophy student at Oxford University and international public speaker, coming at you with in-depth podcast episodes promoting secularism and veganism.

Speaking with influential people from the movement, such as Ed Winters, Joey Carbstrong or Australian moral philosopher Peter Singer, Alex explores how moral consistency leads to vegan principles, what effective ways of activism look like, how we can navigate gray areas of the vegan lifestyle and much more. 

No Meat Athlete Radio

If you’re into vegan fitness, Brendan Frazier’s podcast No Meat Athlete is for you! Not only is he running a popular website and publishing vegan books, Brendan also has a podcast discussing topics such as plant-based nutrition, running tips, changing your habits and more.

We like that he also touches on raising plant-based children, family-friendly recipes or being a vegan digital nomad and living the “van life”. With over 300 episodes, you’ll be sure to find something that’s really interesting to you personally.

Switch4Good Podcast

Although the name of this podcast doesn’t give away its relation to veganism, you can find lots of helpful and meaningful conversations with plant-based doctors, athletes, celebrities and chefs here.

With each episode, co-hosts Olympian Dotsie Bausch and actress/activist Alexandra Paul inspire you to live a more joyous and healthy life, allowing you to break free from food addictions and chronic health issues in the long run.

The Plant-Powered People Podcast

Seasoned vegan bloggers Michelle Cehn from World of Vegan and Toni Okamoto from Plant-Based on a Budget started a wonderful and inviting podcast show in 2018 to help you tackle everyday situations as a vegan.

From surviving the holidays to living with a non-vegan partner, being vegan in college or hosting a plant-based wedding, everything can be possible — and  you’ll be well-equipped to overcome these obstacles in the most graceful (and sometimes not-so-graceful) way with the help of these lovely ladies and their guests.

Vegan Danielle On Air

Another all-encompassing vegan podcast is run by California-based fitness enthusiast and animal rights activist Danielle. Her show covers all things cooking plant-based meals, hair care, fitness, research studies as well as tips and tricks for living the best vegan life.

In each episode, she talks with a different guest about their personal vegan stories, up and coming vegan businesses or they touch on social and political issues.

The Plant-Based News Podcast

No doubt, one of the largest outlets in the vegan community is the popular website and YouTube channel Plant-Based News. Now you don’t even have to spend any time in front of a screen to get the latest news delivered to you!

On their vegan podcast show, hosted by Robbie Lockie, you get to meet a whole variety of people within the vegan movement from politicians to animal rights activists, urban farmers, athletes and authors as well as learn about the latest developments in terms of vegan substitutes, new research or environmental issues.

Veggie Doctor Radio 

Board-certified pediatrician and mom Yami Cazorla-Lancaster specializes in both plant-based nutrition and intuitive eating for moms and kids.

She’s an author, lifestyle medicine coach and host of the vegan podcast Veggie Doctor Radio which is geared towards parents and families.

She does both solo episodes and interviews with guests on topics ranging from plant-based nutrition to psychology, habit change and health in general.

Learn about gut health 101, how to eat more plants without hating your life, or how to prepare easy kid-friendly vegan dinner ideas!

The Plant Yourself Podcast

Not only did Howard Jacobsen, the host of the Plant Yourself Podcast, turn his own life from “overweight and constantly sick” around thanks to a plant-based diet, the PhD researcher, coach and marketer helped writing two of the most fundamental vegan books on the market: Proteinaholic and Whole.

To this date, his popular podcast has over 400 episodes covering topics beyond just plant-based nutrition, like self-compassion, the joy of movement, habit change or procrastination.

You can also find renowned guests like Dr. Michael Greger or Kelly McGonigal as well as a ton of other inspiring interviewees in his episodes. 

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