Roasted Garlic Classics This is a very simple, yet delish-ously fragrant/ us…


Roasted Garlic 🧄 🤤

Classics 🙌🏼 This is a very simple, yet delish-ously fragrant/ useful recipe! You literally only need two ingredients. Roasted garlic is so versatile in cooking. You can do so much with it! I use it in guacamole, fries, garlic bread, pizzas, pastas, dips, the opportunities are endless! I sometimes even eat it just like that 🙊. This time, I took all of the roasted garlic peels and made a roasted garlic broth (which I will use in another recipe later 😉) by adding a few other ingredients 🌱. You can also strain the leftover oil and use it in your daily cooking for a delishhh garlicky flavor! I know for sure I’m not getting attacked by vampires anytime soon 😂

Ingredients – Characters
Garlic heads, as many as you’d like
Extra virgin olive oil, 1 1/2 tsp oil per garlic head

Method – Tale
1. Peel the outer layer of the garlic heads, leaving the individual garlic skins in tact. Do not separate the bulb. Cut the top of the garlic, so that the garlic has slightly uncovered
2. Preheat oven to 400°F (205°C). Put all the garlic heads cut side up in a baking sheet. Drizzle oil on each bulb
3. Roast for about 35-40 mins, until garlic has slightly browned/ softened. Wait until roasted garlic has cooled to take skin off. Be very careful you don’t crush the garlic just yet during this process
Enjoy any way you’d like 🙌🏼 And they lived happily ever after 🙏🏼•

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