MY VEGAN STORY ~ About 2.5 years ago we adopted our dog Jake and I fell in love….


MY VEGAN STORY ~ About 2.5 years ago we adopted our dog Jake and I fell in love. I had never felt this way about an animal before. I was starting to see animals in a different way but still didn’t make the connection to my food. A couple of months later my father in law went to the hospital for heart problems. The doctor said the problem is genetic and told my husband he needs to get his heart checked out. We watched a few healthy eating documentaries like @forksoverknives and we became vegetarian.

I never really liked eating meat anyways so I didn’t mind this change at all, but I did love cheese. I started changing my recipes and finding new healthy ways to eat. I kept seeing vegan stuff online and was very curious but didn’t look into it because I loved cheese so much. Then one day I read an article about how dairy cows are treated and I was heartbroken. I thought what if my dog Jake was treated that way what would I do? I could never look at cheese the same way. So I made a choice to become vegan. I wanted to educate myself even more so I watched @cowspiracy @earthlingsfilm @theendofmeat @joey_carbstrong @earthlinged .The more I discovered the truth about what happens to animals, I knew had to do something to try to make a difference. It seems to me that most people who become vegan do it for health (selfish) reasons and that proves how much the animal agriculture industries hide from us about where our food comes from. It’s only after people make the switch they learn the truth and make the connection of, wow that poor animal will die just to satisfy someone’s taste buds… I will always love painting cute and happy animals, but there are SO MANY animals in the world that are SUFFERING and need our help. If my art can help spread the truth and impact even one person’s mind to go vegan that is all that matters. Please consider making the change. It is easier than you might think. For help visit @_challenge22_ thank you for reading my story. ❤️
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