How To Start Being a Minimalist Today


If you’re aware of minimalism but aren’t sure as to how to actually become a minimalist, you’re in the right place.

Embracing minimalist living can be a life-changing experience. I say “can” because everyone’s journey and situation is different. But ultimately, I believe anyone can benefit from developing a minimalist mindset.

I’ve broken down this post into three sections. We kick off with a brief refresher on how we define minimalism. Next up, I try my best to convince you of the benefits of minimalism. And finally, we bring it home with tangible tips on how to be a minimalist.

I must warn you that this is not another “decluttering” post on the internet. There are plenty of those articles in circulation including on this website.

The post is about equipping you with the tools to think and act like a minimalist. Once the penny drops, that’s when we can really start to appreciate the white space and breathing room minimalism creates in our often chaotic lives.

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