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Gestational Diabetes Education

Changing your diet can be really hard. Being forced to do it from finding out you have Gestational Diabetes is even harder. First, you panic a little bit; then after you’re told it’s temporary, you calm down about 1 notch out of 100. After that your mind starts to race about the baby and will they be okay. Finally after a whirlwind of other thoughts, you wonder, “Why me?” and maybe even “How did this happen?”

At least that’s how we felt. We’ve always been health-conscious, no sodas, no sugary drinks (or so we thought), no pastries, just a few cookies every now and then and rigorous exercise 5 hours per week. So for my wife to have gestational diabetes, we were completely shocked! We were convinced they did the test wrong, so she battered her way through another glucose test the following week. Sure enough, her glucose levels were still too high. It just didn’t make any sense to us, and we felt hopeless wondering what the heck will happen to her and our baby.

Thankfully, we found a good doctor who helped us figure out what she was consuming that caused the problem. While this was a relief; it gave us extreme pause, “If we could get this, think of how many other people probably have it too!” There’s no education on this either, you’re just asked to come in for a glucose test and boom, you have it.

According to the American Heart Association, adult Americans consume on average, 3 times the recommended amount of sugar on a daily basis. In addition to that, 98% of babies and toddlers consume too much sugar! This sets the stage for Heart Disease, type 2 Diabetes, and weight gain.

It took us over 5 years to fine-tune our diets by trial and error having to use ourselves and our children as test subjects. Now that we’re all in a great place diet-wise, we’re putting it all in a course that if followed exactly, will drastically reduce your sugar levels.

If we knew then what we know now, we would’ve had far less complications during our pregnancies and during our children’s early years. Two emergency C-sections, UTI’s, Gestational Diabetes, restless nights, erratic behavior, medications, two emergency hospital visits for our daughter due to food allergies, and skin issues. Our daughter as an infant, would scream all night long and rip her hair out in bunches; all because of the crap we were eating, and no one told us.

The things we’ve had to experience with our children were challenging, but most of all heartbreaking. To feel helpless when your child is suffering and you don’t know what to do, is something we wouldn’t wish for any parent.

You don’t have to go through what we went through. You still have an opportunity to turn things around! Our course goes beyond just telling you what’s bad for you; it gives you not just alternatives, but great tasting alternatives which makes the transition much easier. Not only that, but we also understand that quitting anything cold-turkey isn’t easy and usually results in relapse. With that said, having Gestational Diabetes also means time is of the essence; so if you want to actually see results with a plan that reduces your sugar levels naturally, easily, and with permanent results, click the button and get started today.

We have spent over 5 years studying and experimenting with different foods, recipes, and diets. At first we tried to cut out all animal products and sugar… it was not fun. The food was a chore to eat; can you imagine that? You’d rather scrub toilets than eat! It was like choking down attractive, slightly flavored cardboard. Yeah sure, we were healthy but it wasn’t something we could sustain and alas, we didn’t.

Afterward, we dabbled in reducing sugar, we learned how to read labels, we perfected a healthy smoothie with no added sugars which are safe for any age to consume; and on August 1st of 2017, this is post-partum and post Gestational Diabetes, we tried again at cutting out animal products and this time, we were successful.

Times have changed and there are a lot more vegan, no added sugar tasty alternatives out there. It was never our intention to go vegan, but the alternatives cook easier, taste better and we feel better after we eat them. While this isn’t our vegan course, we feel it’s important to note how we were able to cut about 95% of all added sugars out of our diets. It was in this transition that we were able to find more alternatives, learn where to shop, how to find good prices, and ultimately how to cut majority of the added sugars out.

It’s not until you stop consuming added sugar that you realize the damage it’s doing to your body. You can feel it and see it in your physical body. After several weeks or so (everyone is different) fat just disappears. Any softness you feel on your body you know is just un-toned muscle (this doesn’t become obvious for many months though).

We say all this to say, we’ve been where you are and we’ve been through all the trials and errors of studying stuff on the internet, researching, meeting with doctors and being human guinea pigs. Our course will eliminate literal years of trial and error and if you have Gestational Diabetes, you don’t have years, you have months.

As we learn and grow, so does our course. Your enrollment fee gives you lifetime membership to a growing course of knowledge as well as a database of recipes and low to no added sugar alternatives that taste good.

We’re passionate about our course because we know it will change your life even if all you did was half of it. We’ve made it as easy as possible to transition into a low sugar diet and still enjoy meals and even sweet snacks. There is truly no other course that offers what we offer.

So if this sounds like something you want (I refrain from saying need because everyone needs it, even if you aren’t pregnant!) we invite you to make the purchase that will lead you to a healthier life.

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