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I recently learned of the very cool site, They are an unbiased organization that reviews entire categories of products – from the best Treadmill to the best Credit Card – and this week, they revealed their picks for the best protein powder. Guess what? Out of 697 flavors of protein powder investigated, two dairy-free brands came out on top!

Best protein powder - two dairy-free options came out on top with Vega leading the pack!

The testing criteria required that the best protein powder would not contain any controversial food coloring (22 products cut), artificial sweeteners (487 products cut), or steroids (142 products cut). Finally they had to have a Labdoor quality grade of B- or higher (36 products cut). This left just 3 brands, with 8 flavors in total. From there, the taste test ensued.

The results? Two dairy-free, vegan, plant-based brands were in the Top 3, with one of those sweeping the competition!

#1 – Vega Sport – Pictured above; we’ve actually got two big tubs of this in my cupboard. I like the Chocolate and Mocha best, my wife likes the Vanilla, and it seems likes all three. Vega won the top spot for best protein powder, beating out numerous dairy-filled contenders!

#3 – Raw Protein – Pictured below; I’ve heard great things about this Garden of Life powder, and according to the panel, the raves are merited. Third place isn’t bad, particularly when pitted against hundreds of competitors, many of which contain dairy. Raw Protein is certified organic, vegan and comes in three “approved” flavors: Real Raw Vanilla, Real Raw Chocolate, and Original.

Best protein powder - two dairy-free options came out on top with Vega leading the pack!

To note, did miss a couple of large dairy-free brands in their research, but I think they did a pretty thorough job nonetheless. I’ve given you the highlights, but there is much more information, along with some fun tools, on the original protein powder review post to take a look at.

I would love it if did more food evaluations; at this time, it looks like seeking out the best protein powder was their first foray into edibles. So for now, I’ll take a look at their recommendations for the best photo editing software and road bikes …

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