31 Vegan Ice Cream Recipes


31 vegan ice cream recipes to keep in line the summer heat! These are some healthy vegan treats to enjoy while sitting on the porch on a hot evening.

These 31 vegan ice cream recipes are ABSOLUTELY delicious! So creamy and refreshing, they are perfect to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon. They are super easy to make and contain all-natural ingredients!

My favorite ones are vegan ice cream, banana ice cream, and vegan chocolate ice cream. But I actually have a hard time every time I have to choose which one I’ll get, as all of them are really good and tasty.

However, here you’ll find lots of different ice cream flavors: strawberry, coconut, pistachio, cookie dough… And more! There’s a never-ending variety of wonderful and healthy vegan ice creams.

With these 31 vegan ice cream recipes, you’ll have an amazing summer! They are a great way of incorporating more fruits into your diet, as they are made with simple ingredients. Enjoy!

31 delicious vegan ice cream recipes

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1. Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Ice Cream

Photo of a bowl with 3 servings of vegan ice cream in it

2. What Great Grandma Ate: Vegan & Paleo Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

3. Simply Whisked: Blue Moon Ice Cream

4. The Kitchn: 3-Ingredient Mango Nice Cream


5. Delight Fuel: Vegan Caramel and Cashew Mini Ice Cream Pops

6. Simple Vegan Blog: Banana Ice Cream

Photo of a small bowl of banana ice cream

7. Eating Bird Food: Mint Chip Avocado Ice Cream

8. Sara Tribett: Vegan Keto Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

9. Loving It Vegan: Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

10. Domestic Gothess: Vegan Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

11. Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

Photo of a bowl with 3 servings of vegan vanilla ice cream

12. Sunkissed Kitchen: Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

13. Cocktail Recipes: Coconut Lime Ice Cream

14. Emilie Eats: Neapolitan Banana Ice Cream Cake

15. My Darling Vegan: Vegan Butter Pecan Ice Cream

16. Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Side shot of a jar of vegan mint chocolate ice cream

17. The Loopy Whisk: Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream

18. Healthy Sweet Eats: Banana Golden Milk Turmeric Latte Nice Cream

19. The Vegan 8: Vegan Vanilla Birthday Cake Ice Cream

20. Well Vegan: Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

21. Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream

Close-up shot of a bowl of vegan soft serve ice cream

22. Urban Bliss Life: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

23. Glowing Blush: Easy Healthy Snickers Ice Cream Bars

24. Green Healthy Cooking: Pistachio Ice Cream

25. Healthy Happy Life: Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

26. Simple Vegan Blog: 2-Ingredient Banana Chocolate Ice Cream

Photo of a bowl of 2-ingredient banana chocolate ice cream with a spoon in it

27. Minimalist Baker: Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

28. The Roasted Root: Green Tea Coconut Milk Ice Cream

29. Eating by Elaine: Vegan Pineapple Soft Serve

30. Leelalicious: Salted Caramel Ice Cream

31. Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Photo of 2 cones of vegan chocolate ice cream

Did you make any of these vegan ice cream recipes?

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